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Douglas Huston LLP have over 120 years experience in managing a wide range of commercial properties and this is sometimes overlooked as Landlords, Clients and Customers focus on the obvious residential lettings and management of the business.

Well we are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive commercial management service whether it’s a retail and office building, industrial estate or multi-let office building.

Regardless of the size of the property all landlords can potentially benefit substantially from professional property advice and having management of your property helps ensure that no stone is left uncovered in our effort to maximize your asset.

We understand that changing managing agents or appointing a managing agent is a big decision and to do so you will expect either a substantially improved service or a substantial reduction in fees.

Business Management schools regularly tell their students that to win new business you need to be either 40% better or 40% cheaper than your rivals, well we aim to be 20% better on both fronts giving you a quality service at a very competitive fee.

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